Saturday, February 3, 2018

One of my fondest memories as an In-home Child Care providers was 
Valentines Day. All the kids  excitedly awaited making 
Valentines and Valentine Boxes.  L was the 
"Letter of the Week" and Love was the "Word of the Day".  
I was always eager to use what excited the kids to help them 
learn. I looked for simple sheets that they could sit for a 
few minutes in a mini-classroom setting
to do because they did most of their learning "on the run" 
as we played together outside and did 
the chores together.  I wish I would have had this product 
way back then.  

  These sheets put a holiday twist on 
early childhood learning. 
Visit my store and check them out.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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Thursday, May 4, 2017


New products for day care, home school and preschoolers just added and more teaching colors coming soon.  By the beginning of August I plan on having a "Start-Back-to-School" bundle on sale :) 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Green Acre Family Childcare has "Gone Home".

Green Acre Family Childcare has closed and I have unofficially "retired" only to enter into the adventure of caring for my grandchildren several days a week.  It is really a whole new adventure!! As much as I loved the kids I cared for all those year it does not describe the love I have for these little guys. I wish I could care for all of my grandkiddos under the age of 12 - all seven and soon to be eight of them!! But I am delighted by any time I can have with any of them :)   As I now have several free days a week (rather than full time child care preparation and care) I am in the process of re-vising years of planning to put my creations onto several websites such as "teacherspayteachers", "teacher lingo" and "teachersnotebook".  After I finish the preschool learning basics such as the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes I will include my favorite (and new creations) centered around the Bible. My materials, although called worksheets, are designed to help children "learn on the run" as we have these papers available for free time and even put in binders for their own "books". Check it out!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


THE KIDS were curious about the possibility of creating there own form of transportation. They were willing to risk leg cramping to get it done and to try all sorts of new ways. They tried over and over to place the chairs just right. Broden wanted it one way, Liam another and Andrew yet another but they were flexible with each other. This took listening to one another, moving the chairs and their bodies often and lots of spatial/visual interpretations.  Just wish I would have come up with this as an activity! (LOL)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The History of One Provider of Family Child Care :)

I started my ECE career [BABYSITTER] at age 12. I must have been good at it because I was in high demand :). 
Then I volunteered throughout high school and college years at the YMCA with kids, teaching [TEACHER] Sunday School, and tutoring [TUTOR].  I even tutored [BILINGUAL TUTOR] Hispanic kids during my Social Work Practicums.  

I got married and had 3 kids [ASSISTANT COACH] – instant ECE experience unfolds!  I needed to add financially to the family so I took in a few kids leading to providing certified care in my home [CHILD CARE PROVIDER]. I left that position for cleaning lady [DOMESTIC ENGINER] at  … you guessed it … a day care center.  Soon that turned into assistant teacher [ASSISTANT TEACHER] and then teacher [LEAD TEACHER].   I still wanted to “be home” so I returned to in-home childcare now as a Licensed provider [OWNER-DIRECTOR-TEACHER] and then as an accredited provider [CEO].  Then I wanted to see the world and went from Front Desk to HR/Finance Manager [CRAZY WOMAN].   After seeing enough of the world I came home – again.  Now I am once again a licensed provider who just finished a few classes… [STUDENT- LEAD TEACHER,-DIRECTOR- AUTHOR -TRAINER]  And to round it all out I became a Biblical Counselor and Bible Study Teacher [BLESSED BORN-AGAIN WOMAN -enough said]  Thanks for reading this :) Jan