Sunday, December 14, 2014

A New Perspective on the "Naughty Child" - An Eternal View

Day to day it is almost impossible to keep an eternal perspective. This child drives me crazy! ...always on the move and always talking...pushing...pulling...yelling...and ALWAYS defying me and everything else!  What about the famous attempt to defy gravity?  Well, that sure did not go so well.  A child's defiance of authority at the pre-school age never ends well either.  So how do we deal with the day to day? We pray, We study out ultimate authority (Word of God). We creatively teach with love and enthusiasm. We refocus often (as my letter below does).  And we remind ourselves daily - this work has eternal value. 


Henry is twins in one body: from the energy level of the energizer bunny on steroids to a quiet introspective philosopher.  He always was and will be the leader. He has the kind of charisma that attracts attention and keeps it. If you try to take it away he will gain it back. 
His cognitive skills and imagination are not easily distinguishable. He can tell you a real story one minute and the next he has fabricated a story fit for theater. His use of adverbs and adjectives surpasses most adults.  He lights up a room when he enters it and all you want to do is be with him.
Henry loves life and he moves through like a race driver and then he “crashes”. He gets over stimulated, you never really know when that will happen, and he ignites. It might be the little flame of a sassy look or it can be a full blown melt-down. You are never quite prepared.
BUT...BUT…this is exactly why the parents and I become partners for those 4 years he was at Green Acre Family Childcare.  Daily we shared his stories – the good and the not so good.  They talked to doctors, read books and sought help from peers and elders. I talked to professionals, red books and sought help from peers and church elders.  Together we shared books, notes and even watched the DVD series “Conscious Discipline” by Becky Baily TOGETHER.  Some days “I quit” and I bet they did too.  They always picked me up with the same encouragement I gave back to them.
Some days are difficult with Henry.  He can hit a kid over the head with a bat while repeating his difficult and long bible verse.  Then he will hug him and ask him to be his “best friend”!
Our conclusion at the end of Henry’s stint at Green Acre Family Childcare?  He is worth every bit of investment (yes, the tears too) we make in him. Some day when I’m retired I will see his name cross my desk … Reverend  Henry Thumann … CEO Henry Thumann …. Dr. Henry Thumann  ….  In the meantime, S.T.A.R. … stop, take a deep breath, and relax … Henry just walked through the door J

My favorite story of Henry:
The time he plastered his whole body with the shaving cream in the sensory table and called himself  “Captain Cream.”