Thursday, February 5, 2015


THE KIDS were curious about the possibility of creating there own form of transportation. They were willing to risk leg cramping to get it done and to try all sorts of new ways. They tried over and over to place the chairs just right. Broden wanted it one way, Liam another and Andrew yet another but they were flexible with each other. This took listening to one another, moving the chairs and their bodies often and lots of spatial/visual interpretations.  Just wish I would have come up with this as an activity! (LOL)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The History of One Provider of Family Child Care :)

I started my ECE career [BABYSITTER] at age 12. I must have been good at it because I was in high demand :). 
Then I volunteered throughout high school and college years at the YMCA with kids, teaching [TEACHER] Sunday School, and tutoring [TUTOR].  I even tutored [BILINGUAL TUTOR] Hispanic kids during my Social Work Practicums.  

I got married and had 3 kids [ASSISTANT COACH] – instant ECE experience unfolds!  I needed to add financially to the family so I took in a few kids leading to providing certified care in my home [CHILD CARE PROVIDER]. I left that position for cleaning lady [DOMESTIC ENGINER] at  … you guessed it … a day care center.  Soon that turned into assistant teacher [ASSISTANT TEACHER] and then teacher [LEAD TEACHER].   I still wanted to “be home” so I returned to in-home childcare now as a Licensed provider [OWNER-DIRECTOR-TEACHER] and then as an accredited provider [CEO].  Then I wanted to see the world and went from Front Desk to HR/Finance Manager [CRAZY WOMAN].   After seeing enough of the world I came home – again.  Now I am once again a licensed provider who just finished a few classes… [STUDENT- LEAD TEACHER,-DIRECTOR- AUTHOR -TRAINER]  And to round it all out I became a Biblical Counselor and Bible Study Teacher [BLESSED BORN-AGAIN WOMAN -enough said]  Thanks for reading this :) Jan

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why a Christian Might Choose Teaching Young Children

I was interviewed today and asked a few basic questions about why I went into Family Child Care.  I am sure my answers 20+ years ago would have been much different.  I am on the path of soon "looking back" on the daily job of it all and on my way to "looking forward" to more of a "support staff" role (whatever that will be :)) Here are a few of my thoughts....

1. What do you like best about working in child care? Everyday is different so boredom is rare. I love the growing conversations you can have with children. When I first started doing child care I was really into the art projects and planning but after having a group of younger boys I focus mostly on outdoors and the release of excessive energy!  Unfortunately, children are too often yelled at, put down, ignored, and tolerated at the expense of their self-worth and potential. I always liked "getting to the bottom" of disobedient behavior and giving children the tools to face the world and a path to believing in God. 

2. What challenges do you face working in child care?  I am getting older and running out of stamina.  Also, some of modern parenting has me baffled.  For example, children have their own TVs, DVDs. I-Pads at such an early age and yet seem to lack those basic social skills that I cherish teaching and need parental back-up.

3. Why did you choose to go into the field of child care?  I understand kids - when a child is aggressive or too passive you have to understand where it is coming from and then make a plan to change it.  I think it gives a child the self-worth (not self-esteem) they need when they have self control and are noticed for it.  Self-control, learned as a child, is one of the best tools they can have to enter school and adulthood. Self-control will also lend itself to the ability to look at themselves, find their own faults and change.  That process is the "beginning of wisdom" that comes before knowing Jesus as your Savior.  

My selfish nature wants to think that I can make a difference in the life of a child .... but my heart knows that God has called me to this profession. It is a job, a "career",  and my calling. By the way, it also is the way God shows me my sin.   

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Green Acre Electronic History :)

Green Acre Family Childcare has been visible on the World Wide Web pretty much since I re-opended. I started in 2010 with Henry whose family found me on Craigslist. The choice to start by advertising on Craigslist was not without issues – like a few scammers.  My next family found me at  After a few months they referred my third family to me – Now I had 4 kids and one on the way (via pregnant mom). I fill openings mostly by word of mouth or the arrival of a sibling. I also was found via my Facebook page.  My latest endeavors are a blog and a website. 

Funny thing about posting your activities on the internet is that you can use it to gain a new perspective. Take the stress of one of your unexpected childish messes of the day and turn it into a fun post of learning and loving children. THEN use it as a teachable moment (for you and the children!) that honors God.    

Monday, January 26, 2015

”Keirsey Temperament Sorter Results”

We had to take the ”Keirsey Temperament Test" 
in my Credit for Prior Learning Class.
I am a Guardian.  Taking time to understand your temperament and the temperament of others is necessary for good relationships with children, peers and parents.  For example, I had a mother in my Family Child Care that was an Artisan. At first I found her rude and condescending. When I understood the differences in temperaments our relationship grew to mutual respect.  She had a high position in a company and being an Artisan temperament was pivotal to her success.  I can better understand and teach the children in my care when I identify their temperaments.  
As I identify temperaments in children (or staff for that matter) I can see where the characteristics in themselves are not good or bad, but when exaggerated, could cause problems.  A Guardian child might not say anything if a child takes a toy from him while a Rational might not hesitate to hit him.  The Guardian, while hearing “good job” when he is cooperative might have to be taught how to communicate their needs better.  A Rational while being taught to be kind might also need to be encouraged in a positive leadership role. 

I think this is part of the reason why God says, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6)".  We have to understand scripture and the child well enough so we can direct them in "the way he should go".  Each child will have a different path to the same Father.