Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Green Acre Electronic History :)

Green Acre Family Childcare has been visible on the World Wide Web pretty much since I re-opended. I started in 2010 with Henry whose family found me on Craigslist. The choice to start by advertising on Craigslist was not without issues – like a few scammers.  My next family found me at CARE.com.  After a few months they referred my third family to me – Now I had 4 kids and one on the way (via pregnant mom). I fill openings mostly by word of mouth or the arrival of a sibling. I also was found via my Facebook page.  My latest endeavors are a blog and a website. 

Funny thing about posting your activities on the internet is that you can use it to gain a new perspective. Take the stress of one of your unexpected childish messes of the day and turn it into a fun post of learning and loving children. THEN use it as a teachable moment (for you and the children!) that honors God.    

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