Saturday, January 31, 2015

The History of One Provider of Family Child Care :)

I started my ECE career [BABYSITTER] at age 12. I must have been good at it because I was in high demand :). 
Then I volunteered throughout high school and college years at the YMCA with kids, teaching [TEACHER] Sunday School, and tutoring [TUTOR].  I even tutored [BILINGUAL TUTOR] Hispanic kids during my Social Work Practicums.  

I got married and had 3 kids [ASSISTANT COACH] – instant ECE experience unfolds!  I needed to add financially to the family so I took in a few kids leading to providing certified care in my home [CHILD CARE PROVIDER]. I left that position for cleaning lady [DOMESTIC ENGINER] at  … you guessed it … a day care center.  Soon that turned into assistant teacher [ASSISTANT TEACHER] and then teacher [LEAD TEACHER].   I still wanted to “be home” so I returned to in-home childcare now as a Licensed provider [OWNER-DIRECTOR-TEACHER] and then as an accredited provider [CEO].  Then I wanted to see the world and went from Front Desk to HR/Finance Manager [CRAZY WOMAN].   After seeing enough of the world I came home – again.  Now I am once again a licensed provider who just finished a few classes… [STUDENT- LEAD TEACHER,-DIRECTOR- AUTHOR -TRAINER]  And to round it all out I became a Biblical Counselor and Bible Study Teacher [BLESSED BORN-AGAIN WOMAN -enough said]  Thanks for reading this :) Jan

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